Tourist activities in Tarifa

The entire area around Tarifa with its two natural parks seduces with fantastic destinations.

View of Natural Parks of Tarifa

Natural Parks

Tarifa´s geography is unique in the world: This singular place is located between two continents (Europe and Africa), between two seas (Atlantic and Mediterranean) and two Natural Parks (Alcornocales, i.e. Cork Oak Forests and El Estrecho, i.e. Strait of Gibraltar). While Los Alcornocales is a true paradise for hikers and lovers of native fauna and flora, El Estrecho offers miles and miles of unspoilt beaches which allow for observing the flight of aquatic birds with the stunning background of the African continent.

Tarifa town view

Villages and towns

The area around Tarifa with its two natural parks offers plenty of fantastic destinations for day trips. Tarifa town itself boasts a beautiful historic center, with an ancient Arab Castle worth visiting. There are various charming white villages in the nearby mountains to discover, as well as the provincial capitals Cádiz and Málaga nearby Gibraltar, “The Rock”. It is also worth trying out the area´s rich gastronomic offer which includes local highlights such as tuna fish caught according to the ancient “Almadraba” fishing method, “Payoyo” goat cheese, “Retinta” veal and the famous wines from Cádiz province. A visit to the Roman town of Baelo Claudia, located in nearby Bolonia, is an absolute must

Tail view of a sperm whale

Whale Watching in Tarifa

The Strait of Gibraltar is a very busy marine highway, not only for ships, but also for marine species. Millions of tuna fish travel between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean on their migratory route, while dolphins and whales may be observed from small boats. Various local companies, including Firmm foundation offer excursions with marine biologists explaining peculiarities and behavior of these animals.

People watching birds in Tarifa

Observation of birds in Tarifa

Tarifa is the place on the European continent which is nearest to Africa, separated by only 14 kilometers. This makes it the major “traffic hub” for migratory birds. With the help of expert ornithologists you will be able to see rare birds and observe large flocks of different kinds of birds while they prepare for the crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar

Vista Marruecos Tanger


Morocco is only one hour by fast ferry, but to spend a day there is a total immersion in a different time and culture, with touches of 1001 Nights and Lawrence of Arabia. FRS ferries take you there and also offer guided day trips through the well preserved historic center and the vibrant markets of Tánger, visible across the Strait.

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Punta Sur is so much more than a hotel: It is a gem tucked away between two Natural Parks, between the ocean and the mountains.

Activities Punta Sur Hotel

Guests may enjoy various activities directly from Hotel Punta Sur Tarifa.

Sports Activities

Tarifa is a natural place where you can practice many different kinds of sports.